President Higgins
Didnt even notice our 24 hour protest!

We arrived at the Presidents house with tents around 3pm.

Immediately Gardai and the OPW arrived.

Although they allowed us to facilitate our protest they would not give us permission to put up tents. We huddled together under the trees outside the presidents gates that night to keep warm.

The president didnt come out, he didnt care…..

Who is it for?

Do you care about people on the street?
Do you care if they have a warm bed to sleep in?
Did you know one of the most famous models of management and pyschology, still taught in universities today and over 70 years old is Maslows Hierachy of needs.

Why is it so important to understand this model.

The model from Maslow designed in the late 1960’s and still used today shows us that for a person to succeed and be the best they can be they first must have some fundamental requirements, without them they can not be stable enough to move to the next challenge of self development.

The first on the list is obvious, food and water, without it we die pretty quickly.

The next is the one we are fighting for, and so should you all, it is employment, security (safety) and property.  Without these elements we will never go on to receive love and belongingness which is a vital part of the human pyche and allows us to develop as human beings, socialize, find ourselves.

So why is it that the second step is missing for so many people or, if not missing under so much threat?

If its not bankers, its vulture funds, if its not landlords its directors of management companies using their position to bully… and cause problems for people in their own home.

Why is this not criminalized?  

Your HOME is the only sanctuary you have.  And it would seem, although the law in general supports this, the new additions and by laws do not allow a person to own their own home.

Gallery of just some of our participants on the 14th. Some of these people are homeless or staying in emergency accommodation. They slept outside the President of Irelands home, and not one time did he show concern to what this was about. This is a president you picked.

Irelands housing action
Irelands housing action
Irelands housing Action 32
irelands housing action
Irelands housing action 32
Irelands housing action 32
Clare Irelands Housing Action

Dublin City Councils view...

DUBLIN City Council chief executive Owen Keegan faced a backlash yesterday following a Newstalk interview where he stated that a ‘well-intentioned’ group of people distributing tents to homeless people were hindering the good work of DCC when it comes to getting homeless people off the streets and into perfectly safe hostels packed full of loud, inebriated people.

“I believe Mr. Keegan was being very diplomatic when he talked about the people distributing ‘free’ tents to the homeless; the truth of the matter is, they’re all working with tent manufacturers to get people hooked on the tent life, before they jack up the prices and make a killing from them,” said one council source we spoke to.

In a bid to foil the plans of ‘big tent’, DCC have pledged to continue their efforts to clear more ‘shanty towns’ from the city centre, which in turn will cut down on the need for the soup kitchens that are their own, ‘separate issue’.

Well let you make your own judgement of the above article posted from Waterford Whispers….

Practice makes perfect

How many educated people can we get to believe us *thinks the government*, when we get them on board and let them know that those in tents want to stay in tents then they wont listen to the soup kitchens, the emergency accommodations, the housing activist’s any more…

If you don’t believe that a home should be a protected sanctuary for a happier society, don’t take our word for it. Do your own research, start with Maslows, just one of 100’s of models that show how important housing is to a persons wellbeing and that when people are happy and content they strive to be better people to go to the next level and socialize, they join groups, gyms, social clubs.

There are very few educated people that actually believe there is a housing crisis because they look at statistics, as do politicians.

However, I would argue, the gardai hand over very low crime rates to the government as well.  We all know they are not true figures and we have had investigations into the gardai not logging calls, we have all had something illegal happen to us or someone we know but didn’t call the gardai, right?  

Its exactly the same with homelessness. 

There are joint policing committees set up in every council but no housing committees….  why? Housing is fobbed off to tenders.

Samantha Dooley

Samantha Dooley stood outside the presidents house with a great line of speakers talking about different issues from the real homelessness rates. Homeless people giving their testimonies as Patrick Nelis as Host. Other speakers discussed they cant afford a home and have a well paid job, and others talk about building or buying a home only to find the quarries, materials and workmanships are substandard.

Samantha has dealt with substandard homes and pyrite in 2007 and now challenges the roles of management companies within estates. 

From dodgy developers, to volunteer managers using their position to bully and threaten community members who disagree with them, destroying the prices of the estates’ homes from bad management, to allowing MICA the new PYRITE to be used from quarries in Ireland…. She gave a very passionate speech about this needing an immediate stop and to be criminalized and reminded us that a man took his life over the poor structural building in Dublin City Council not more than 5 years ago. Where they were all evacuated because the fire safety walls were not installed.  

100’s of families left in hotels for years…..

"We need to criminalize developers, quarry owners and directors of management companies and their agents if they mess with peoples lives by making the home life unsafe in anyway" Jail time is the only way we can prevent this.

What we are trying to show the government is there are certain steps that need to be taken and monitored.

  1. Rid Ireland of homelessness
  2. Make hostels or emergency accommodations safe
  3. Make sure the homes provided for all citizens of Ireland are “FIT FOR PURPOSE”
  4. Abolish Management Companies and make councils responsible for the costs of any poor development.
  5. Delegating Volunteers is not the answer. The councils must take responsibility of an estates roads, structure of buildings, under and upper structures of an estate and this would justify charging council rates.  
  6. At the moment we are paying council taxes and ridiculous management fees on top of a mortgage. And we dont own our homes……. companies do. Companies that can be purchased by vulture funds.

Is everyone seeing the madness here?  This is the new Ireland and has sneaked into our society in the midst of a boom 20 years ago when people were to happy and busy spending on their credit card to notice a new strategy that would change Ireland’s “safe home” for ever.

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