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Irelands Housing Action

1 to 1 support

We will help you in a 1 to 1 environment. If you need our support contact us:

irelands housing action 32

Legal documents

Our volunteers have expertise in various areas of housing and can assist in preparing legal documents.


Our team are delighted to speak on homelessness, direct provision, landlords, rents and management companies at any forum.

Irelands housing action

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Management Companies are now widespread in Ireland. Most of them are charged with managing Multi Unit Development and are legally covered under the MUD ACT under the ODCE and the Companies Act. If you need help navigating your way through this or have issues with your management company contact us.
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Patrick Nelis, The Irelands Housing Action Founder has won over 600 RTB cases for tenants and is the most feared RTB defence representative in Ireland. Need his help? Book Appointment!



Irelands Housing Action has a large group that will be of great support for those in need. We also have a sister page, Dublin South West Housing Action. You can contact us via messenger and email anytime for emergencies. In addition to this we are connected to other very large housing and homeless volunteer/community organisations.

The TEam

Clare McLaughlin

Clare McLaughlin

Clare has mainly worked in the entertainment and event industry over the course of the last 30 years. She holds a BA Hons Degree in Media Production Management and a HND in Journalism. She has 2 adult sons, Luke and Jack. She and her sons spent 26 years on the council housing list, 14 of those on the RAS scheme, and, finally, they are in their forever home. Her experience with housing in Dublin has taught her that gaining secure housing is not just somewhere to live but somewhere to thrive. ‘Whether private or council that house is your home.’ Safe and secure housing is a human right and Clare joined Ireland’s Housing Action (32) to help make sure these rights are secured for all.

Samantha Dooley

Samantha has been an activist for residents associations fighting against poorly developed estates, outdated legislation and management companies that are abusing their power since 2006. She is an experienced lobbyist and has won many campaigns against those she has fought justice against.
She holds a Masters degree in Business, a digital marketing degree, a degree in entrepreneurship, a diploma in social studies and currently studying at Trinity college in Applied Social Data Science.
Samantha is a multi award winner in her own businesses.
In her words "If I dont challenge a flawed system, who else will". Join us and share the responsibility every human has to make sure no other human suffers.

Patrick Nelis
Chairperson and founder

Patrick is the Director and founder of Irelands housing Action. He has personally been affected by Irelands housing crisis and had to learn the law to fight for justice himself. He has since offered his services for free fighting for homeless and those being illegally evicted. Patrick has won over 600 cases in court against those that dare intimidate the vulnerable. Patrick is one of those rare folk who needs know degrees to win against law breakers in a court room and spends many hours researching policies of parties, articles and new legislation. In 2020 Patrick Nelis won an award from the Mayor of Dublin for his achievements in fighting for the vulnerable against the the RTB and ruthless landlords.

Some of the members of our team living in Fingal, South Dublin and beyond....

We have another 3 board members Fintan, a Psychology graduate from Trinity based in Fingal, Lisa a digital marketing expert currently working full time for an agency, Trevor a champion in working with the homelessness and getting their message across and Tina.  *not everyone wants their full name public*

We also work with the Mica group #100%redress, lead by Paddy Diver from Donegal  and various soup kitchens in Dublin city centre.

We are all a team, we all have our role and we all help each other to challenge the current system and highlight gapping holes left in the system either by governments of councils policies. People are dying. 

WHEN WILL THE GOVERNMENT Criminalize this unconscionable behaviour by those creating the current strategies and implementing them in such a way, more damage then good has been created.

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“It always seems impossible until its done”

Nelson mandela

Past projects

Our site is only new and we are all volunteers so it will be updated slowly over 2021.

TENT CITY August 2021

A group of activists from Irelands Housing Action and other associated homelessness groups camped out in front of the presidents house in Phoenix park on August 14th to draw attention to the homelessness crisis.

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Homelessness Crisis 2020

Further information to come

Illegal evictions

Further information to come

Rent Freeze 2017

Further Information to come